[SoA] was formed back in 1999 and was active until 2009 Counter Strike. [SoA] was the first Danish team to cross the Atlantic and take part in tournaments, and was at the time, the biggest and best Danish team in Counter Strike..

SoA resurrects with several of the old members on the team! https://gaming.dk/articles/4016-soa-genopstar-med-flere-af-de-gamle-pa-holdet

[SoA] or also known as Spirit of Amiga was the first major team in Denmark, who became known in the field of esport. Good results helped them a lot, as well as the broadcast DR TV made about their participation in CPL Dallas, which was the major at the time.

[SoA] has always been known for their Counter-Strike team who won everything in Denmark for several years and therefore good results abroad. The boys behind [SoA] have always had the desire to create teams in other titles than exclusively Counter-Strike, and now they have this opportunity.

[SoA] will start with a team in the world’s most recent eSport title PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, also known as PUBG. Here they get a team of 5 players, two of whom have previously been part of the old [SoA], and CrashJack is also featured in the video “Made in Denmark – Kill for dollars”. .(Link to video).